Friday, October 5, 2012

Silicon Valley Executives Are Moving to LA

The technology industry in Silicon Valley has for a long time ensured a pretty healthy real estate market.  Even with the collapsing economy and housing bubble burst, Silicon Valley weathered the storm far better and rebounded sooner.  But things are changing as the tech industry is going south!

As the boundaries between technology and the entertainment industry are merging, more executives and tech people are moving south, to LA: the beaches, Sunset strip and Beverly Hills.  They want luxury homes and accessibility to night life which Silicon Valley cannot really offer on the same scale.  And it's not just the engineers and techies, but the venture capitalists too that are moving South.

After the dot com bust of 2000-2001, Santa Monica is now well positioned to attract technology firms.  'Silicon Beach', (from Manhattan Beach to Malibu), is seeing rents increases by 10%.  But it's not only the coastal areas that are in demand, the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills are seeing above average increases in rent, at 5% according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

If you are moving south and need to find a home to rent or buy, call us, we know the neighborhoods and we can help you find a home whether renting or buying.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Short Term Rentals For The Entertainment Industry In LA

Where do you go to find a short term rental if you are visiting Los Angeles from out of State  for a movie or TV production?  Most realtors are not interested to serve this niche nor this valuable clientele to our local economy.  You've come to the right place at Executive Home Relocations LA.  Here's a great hideaway and oasis in the heart of the San Fernando Valley close to the studios, in Valley Glen, offering all the comforts of home (it's fully furnished).  Movie industry people have stayed here and enjoyed the seclusion of this 2 Bed home with 2 more additional bedrooms in guest houses within this gated property, offering a wonderful additional kitchen/BBQ outdoor dining area. Whether you are seeking a sanctuary from a hard days shoot, or you want a peaceful place to write a script, this is it.

For an immediate service, contact me by clicking the call button on this page or email.

Courtesy Listing of Paula Achter, Real Estate eBroker Inc.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Luxury Short Term Rental In The Heart Of Los Angeles

Finding that short term rental in Los Angeles is not as easy as you think.  But you've come to the right place.  Here's a fabulous 2,500 square foot home completely renovated with high end style, with deck, hot tub and large pool.  Located in Sherman Oaks and very central for those looking for a comfortable furnished home near the studios, restaurants, entertainment and even the westside and beaches.  Contact Audrey Peters for more information - click the phone button on this site to connect.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Is Rent To Own The Solution In This Difficult Market?

If you're a professional or executive in Los Angeles currently renting or relocating, then you are probably expecting a certain lifestyle that puts you at the upper end of the property rental market. But rents are climbing steadily and availability getting tighter as we reach about 95% occupancy rates.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (April 4, 2012), tenants are becoming anxious and complaining about rents.  

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is forecasting vacancy rates to drop even further by the 4th quarter 2012 to 4.3%.  That can only mean that rents will most certainly not come down and finding a home becomes nearly impossible.

So what do you do if you are not ready to buy?

A nice 3 to 4 bedroom home can set you back a minimum of $4000 to $5500 plus a month in much of West L.A. and certain parts of the Valley such as Sherman Oaks, Encino and Studio City.  Such a house would probably cost you a minimum of $700,000 to $1 M plus.  Clients are beginning to understand that renting is wasting money and there's no tax deduction, but they don't yet have the downpayment to buy a house.

Most realtors will just sell you what's available, but at Executive Home Relocations LA, we are more creative in finding solutions.  We approach homes for sale and structure a lease to own that ultimately benefits the owner of the house and the tenant (future home owner.)  The owner/Landlord knows he can't lose and he is likely to get a tenant who is committed and caring about the property.  The tenant feels great that they are building their credit and equity and have a chance to own the home 12-24 months down the road.  It's a win win for everyone!

But you won't find such houses listed.  This is where the professional and personal service of Executive Home Relocations comes in.  For a private and confidential consultation, call or email.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Choose Executive Home Relocations LA?

Searching for a home by checking out ads on public Internet sites can be daunting and extremely time consuming.  And you're not necessarily getting the most up to date listings, so it becomes frustrating to actually find the 'one', but to discover it is no longer available.  This is all too common a scenario with rentals of nice homes or apartments, currently in a very tight market in Los Angeles.  If you're looking to buy, the situation can be just as daunting with so much to choice.  

My job is to understand your needs and know the market.  Think of it as a type of match-making service, where you the customer comes first and not the property.  Together, we have access to the entire market of Los Angeles, no matter who owns the listing.

And if you are not currently living in Los Angeles, finding a home means having to fly out each weekend and just drive around.  Many clients have gone through this process and finally realized they need a professional service.  I take pride in matching the right home to each client.  You can get on with your life while I take care of finding you the home.  Within a short few minutes interview over the phone, I'll know exactly what you are looking for.  And before you even set foot on a plane, I'll have a short list of just 2 or 3 properties to look at.  I'm confident of this process being successful, because it works time and time again.

Call or email me to discuss your needs in absolute confidentiality.
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